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THE HOT TUB (chatroom) 
Anonymous1673: Hi

Anonymous1679: Hi

Anonymous1679: Is this space still open

Anonymous1679: Spa - space lol

Anonymous1679: Any females here?

Anonymous1752: Is this spa opening again?

Anonymous1799: hi

Anonymous1820: question

Anonymous1837: Are there many girls going now?

Anonymous1933: Is Divinos still open?

Anonymous1952: hello? is it re-opening?

Anonymous1952: Kevin is that you?

Anonymous1952: yes kev dog, what you saying

Anonymous1952: is that you anon?

Anonymous1953: Thought it was, could tell by your picture. Hows the Mrs?

Anonymous1952: yeah that was back from Turkey '04. not great mate considering she's gone. How's Derek?

Anonymous1953: Yeh I remember that, good old Marmaris, that was the holiday you fell arsehole first on that poor sods thumb werent it? Sorry to hear that mate, right goer back in her day but in a better place now isnt she, RIP. Yeh still a pain in the arse.

Anonymous1952: nah mate that was oludeniz. ha yeah, jheez. yeah rubberducking tart. anyway, whens this re-opening

Anonymous2017: Site re-opening soon..... new features live peer to peer web cam for members to do whatever in the manner you are accustomed to. *cough as well as some other shite for you entertainment. Watch this space

Anonymous2087: Is S Private Spa going to reduce its prices anytime soon :/?!

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